I’m starting off this year the same way many of us do, by making resolutions and setting goals for the year. I’m going into this with the intention of hitting every target (otherwise what would be the point?), but I’m fully aware that not everything on the list is fully within my control and that everything can change in the blink of an eye. With that in mind, the only resolution I can guarantee is that I won’t beat myself up about things out of my control, including not hitting my resolutions and goals.

Read one book a week – I realised this year how much I’ve missed reading. During furlough I started reading again, but when my anxiety and depression worsened I found it increasingly difficult to concentrate. Now that I’m feeling much better I can’t wait to lose myself in a book.

Complete couch to 5k – I’ve been very good at starting (and re-starting) the couch to 5k program, but I’ve been pretty crap at completing it. I’d get so far into it and then I’d have a flare up, or the weather would stop me or I’d get an injury and it would set me back. This time I’m starting it and I will finish it.

Write one blog post a fortnight – if you’ve followed me for a while this one doesn’t really need any explanation. I’ve been pretty crap on both the blog and Instagram front (sorry!), but I will be better at it this year.

Prioritise my mental health – towards the end of 2020 I had a breakdown, got signed off work and ended up on anti-depressants and in therapy. Looking back at the buildup to this I can clearly see that signs that it was coming (hindsight’s a beautiful thing – right?), and if I’d done something about it sooner then maybe it wouldn’t have been so drastic.

Do eight minute abs five times a week – I love the eight minute abs video I found on youtube, it’s clear, simple and quick. Doing it five times a week is one of my fitness resolutions for this year to help with my physical and mental health.

Be fitter – as long as I stick to two of my resolutions, I should be able to achieve this goal. There are many parts of my body that I don’t like, and that changes on a daily basis. But by exercising more, I’m hoping I feel more confident in my body (even if I don’t look any different), and maybe even relieve some endo pain.

Get married – hopefully a straightforward goal, but in the current climate who knows? This one is out of my control, but I’m keeping everything crossed that by our wedding date restrictions will allow us to at least have a small 6 person ceremony.

Get the covid vaccine – another one that is outside of my control, but as soon as I’m able to I’ll be heading to get my covid vaccine. Even if my appointment is at 3am, I’ll be there. I can’t wait to have it, for the rest of the UK to have it, and to be able to live our lives again.

Be tidier – probably my fiancé’s favourite one on this list. I’m definitely the messier one, whereas he loves cleaning and tidying. Whereas it’s definitely not my strong suit.

Get off Sertraline – not something that I want to do before I’m ready, but I’d like to not have to permanently take it (the nausea alone is enough to make me want to stop, although it does stop me snacking!) A lot of awareness has been made around mental health and taking anti-depressants, and I think that’s such a great thing. But, as with any physical condition, my aim is always to take the least medication possible whilst also managing both the condition and the symptoms. Of course if the doctors don’t think I should come off any medication then I won’t stop it, but equally if my body is able to function how it should without the medication then I’d rather get to that place and not take it anymore.

Get my endo symptoms under control – probably something a lot of you would love to do! I’ll be the first to admit that I could probably do more to make myself feel better at times. This year I’m going to eat better, take care of myself and really find what works for me. Endo can’t be cured (yet) but it can be managed. Each one of us has different symptoms and triggers, and this year I’m going to monitor and identify mine and put a pre-period plan in place to put myself in the best position possible. This one will definitely take a lot of work, trial and error but hopefully it will be worth it!

Whether they are big or small I find goal setting (and achieving) to be very motivational and good for my mental health. When I was feeling at my lowest I was setting goals at the beginning of the day like “make the bed” or “go for a walk” because crossing something, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, off my list make it much easier.

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