About Me
I’m a twenty-something girl living in London, blogging my way through my diagnosis and treatment process. After 7 years of unexplained pain and doctors visits, I recently got a confirmed diagnosis of stage IV endometriosis and adenomyosis following a diagnostic laparoscopy. I work in the fashion industry and love afternoon tea, spa days, baking and prosecco.
About My Endometriosis Diary
I started this blog as a way to make sense of my pain and frustrations, and to share my experiences and things I’ve learnt along the way. I also struggled to find information, especially on adenomyosis, and wanted to provide somewhere to share this and hopefully to help others who have either/both of these conditions or know someone who does. As with many gynaecological conditions and invisible illnesses, both endometriosis and adenomyosis still seem to be treated as taboo subjects, with nowhere near enough awareness around them. This appears to be slowly changing, and I hope that by speaking out about my experiences I will be helping with this change.
I hope you enjoy reading my blog, and find it useful!

I am not medically trained in any way; any information on my blog has been taken from my personal experiences, or from my doctor. Any external sources I use to gain information will be linked for your reference. Make sure to discuss any new treatments or medications with a healthcare provider before using them. 
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