Look around you right now. How many women can you see? I’m on the tube, and I can see maybe 30 other women (yes, the London tubes are super crowded, it’s a problem). Statistically there will be three women on this tube with endometriosis.
There are ninety flats in my block, with an average occupancy of 2.5 per flat. That’s 225 people, and say 50% are women, that’s 112 (or 112.5 if you’re being pedantic). So with those figures there should be 11 women in the same building as me with endo. Expand that to my whole complex, 475 apartments, 1187 people, 594 women. That would mean there are 59 women just within the complex I live in with endometriosis.
I could go on and on. Endometriosis can be quite a lonely condition. Most of the time it feels like you’re the only one in the world affected. Next time you feel like this just look around you, count the women. Work out, statistically, how many may have endometriosis. It really brings it home just how common it actually is, and how many people are affected by it, which is all the more shocking when you think about how little awareness there is.
One in ten. 3.2 million in the UK. 176 million worldwide. Endometriosis may be lonely, but you are never alone.

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