BSGE stands for the British Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy, it was originally founded in 1989 by a small group of consultant gynaecologists who were keen to advocate the benefits of minimal access surgery for their patients. They also provide facilities for training, monitoring and preventing complications in minimal access surgery.
In the past 30 years since the society was first founded, it has grown to over 1000 members, and now also has the ability to certify endometriosis specialist centres.  On their website you will be able to check if your centre has been accredited by BGSE, or if they are have applied for accreditation and are waiting for acceptance. The aim of the society is not only to help its members, but also to the wider public in general and anyone undergoing a minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery. They also aim to promote knowledge and understanding of the endoscopic approach as a diagnosis and treatment to healthcare professionals and more specifically those responsible for the formulation of healthcare policy.
It is an obligation of all accredited centres to enter all the required data and updates on all of their patients diagnosed with severe endo. A while ago I posted on my instagram stories about the BGSE questionnaires, and 55% of you had never had to complete one of these questionnaires. It is a method used to monitor the treatment of the disease, and how the patients quality of life is following the surgery. Questions include physical and emotional health, rating different types of pain relating to your endo and how you feel your quality of life is on a scale of 1-100. I complete one of these questionnaires before every appointment with my CNS or consultant.
The society is not just limited to helping those with endometriosis, but anyone who could benefit from a minimally invasive laparoscopic operation instead of an open surgery.
On their website, there are a number of training resources that are not only for the use of medical professionals, but also freely available for anyone browsing the website. These resources include documents and videos of laparoscopic surgery, including: endo on the bladder, bowel, complex ovarian torsion and pararectal and bowel resection. These videos are definitely not for the feint hearted or squeamish! But could be very useful for anyone who is interested in how the surgery actually works. I know that for me, I find it a lot easier to understand something if I see or watch something rather than just hearing about it. I’m a visual learner, and these videos would have been very helpful for me prior to my surgery to calm my nerves a bit.
They also provide guidelines for how laparoscopic surgery should be conducted and set a standard for patient care. Discussion forums are also available on their website, but they do not look like they have been used for a few years.
Overall, BSGE sets a standard for the quality of care patients should receive when it comes to minimally invasive surgery as well as monitoring endo patients through accredited centres to ascertain whether the treatments are helping. I’ve linked the BSGE website for anyone who wants to look at any of the resources they have available.

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