I have found blogs to be a very useful source of information, especially in the initial few months after first finding out about endometriosis and suspecting I had it. Because they are sharing their personal experiences and things that have helped them, I find that in many ways they canbe more helpful than medical sites, and definitely more relatable. Listed below are some of my favourite blogs to follow:
Bloomin’ Uterus
I think this was the first endometriosis blog I ever found, and I think the reason that I connected so much with it was the touch of humour and lightness when talking about endometriosis. Her chatty demeanour was exactly what I needed at a time when everything I was reading about endometriosis seemed to be doom and gloom.
This Endo Life
Jessica runs a fantastic website that provides a wide spectrum of information spanning so many different topics. From alternative therapies to diet, sex to mindfulness there is no topic off limits. Jessica also has a podcast and runs endo events, details of which can be found on her website.
Endo Bunny
Lauren documents her journey with multiple chronic illnesses honestly on her blog, whilst maintaining her chatty dialogue. Keeping her writing in laymans terms makes it really easy to understand some of the more complicated elements of the conditions she is talking about. She has also recently announced her pregnancy, so if you are a mum or a mum-to-be and struggling with endo, Lauren’s blog will be a fantastic resource for you!
Endometriosis My Life With You
Shireen writes tirelessly about her different conditions, one of which being endometriosis. She also discusses her experiences with both anxiety and depression, and also touches on having IVF and being a mother with endometriosis.
The Endo The World
Claire blogs about her experiences with endometriosis and adenomyosis, she is really upbeat throughout her blogs. I haven’t seen a post this year from her, but she’s put some great stuff up about her experiences. She really makes the point that its important to stay positive.
There are so many other blogs that I could add to this list, there are some really incredible endo blogs out there that really help people and provide some fantastic and useful information! Feedspot have compiled a list of the 30 best endometriosis blogs to follow in 2019, and it’s linked in this post for anyone who wants to find even more blogs to follow.

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