Todays blog post is discussing endometriosis and how it affects men. It obviously affects men whose partner has been diagnosed with it. But did you know that men can have endometriosis too? That’s your fun fact forthe day.
Men with endometriosis fall into two categories. They are either men who were born in a female body that had endometriosis, after transitioning into a man, they still have endometriosis and still suffer from its effects, or they are men who have been on high dose estrogen treatments following illness such as prostate cancer.
It is very rare that men have endometriosis, and it has only been reported in approximately 20 men who have not transitioned gender according to
As with women with endometriosis, there has not been enough research to understand how it develops in a man, but from the studies I have read all men who have been found with endometriosis had been on estrogen based hormone therapy. Conditions such as liver cirrhosis or liver failure can also increase estrogen levels in the body.
Endometriosis has a very long diagnosis period in women, but it can be even longer and even more difficult to diagnose in men. If a man goes into a doctors surgery complaining of abdomen pain and other endo symptoms, no doctor is going to immediately point to it being a gynaecological condition. The most common symptoms of men with endometriosis are abdominal pain and the presence of blood in urine – but these symptoms don’t have to be present for a man to have endometriosis. Treatment will typically involve surgery to remove the lesions, and stopping any hormonal medication that contains estrogen. Since finding out that men can also have endometriosis, I have been very careful to try and say people or those with endometriosis, rather than women, because although it is a condition that typically affects women it is important to be inclusive. As a man with endometriosis, there are so many things you may be struggling with, and feeling isolated from a community who understands your condition should not be one of them.

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