Todays blog is more for the partner of someone with endometriosis, and has a few small tips for how to help your partner when they’re struggling with a flare up. A lot of the things you can do to help are common sense, but can often get forgotten about.
Run a hot relaxing bath – if you have magnesium bath salts add these too! The heat from the bath, especially when combined with magnesium bath salts, can really help with pain. Popping Netflix on, bringing them a hot drink and lighting candles can help them to relax a bit more (and I find not bringing my phone in with me helps me to relax as well).
Be patient and understanding – this one is definitely common sense, but is not always an easy one to remember! This one also goes for both parties in a relationship (as mentioned in my previous blog post), take their point of view into account.
Make the most of their good days – plan something nice, thatisn’t very strenuous that you both would enjoy.
Monitor them – not in a creepy watching their every move,not letting them out of your sight kind of way. But if they say they’re in pain, or they look like they’re struggling pay attention to it. Have you seen them experience this before? Have they done anything similar on these occasions? Have they eaten anything similar to previous flare ups or have they eaten anything new? Sometimes for the person with an illness, it is difficult for them to spot patterns, so as someone on the outside of the illness you arein a great position to spot potential triggers or patterns early.
Be open to learning – if there is something you don’tunderstand, just ask! Research elements of endometriosis that you want to learnmore about, or that affect your partner particularly. It always means a lot tome when I’m talking to someone about my endometriosis and they are eitherasking me loads of questions or have clearly done their homework and are wellversed in it. I’m sure your partner will be able to let youknow of any specific ways that you can help them. I find my pain is a lot worsewhen I’m cold, and after explaining this to my partner he always makes sure toheat up a microwaveable heat pack when he gets up in the morning if it’s a bitchilly (he’s usually up 30 mins – an hour before me). Small things like thiscan make a big difference, and will be greatly appreciated.

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