As I write this, we’ve just got back home after the most fantastic long weekend in Sicily – what better way to celebrate my one month operation anniversary! (I’m pretty sure that’s not a thing, but it should definitely be a thing).
Even though every morning was an early start and every night was a late finish the exhaustion and fatigue didn’t hit me until we got back home – thankfully! This meant I was able to enjoy every aspect of the weekend!
After arriving in Taormina we spent the afternoon relaxing by the pool with cocktails and enjoying the sunshine. I felt really self conscious being in a bikini for the first time since my surgery, I still feel really bloated, and I feel like my scars are really obvious. We went away with my other half’s colleagues, and I hadn’t met any of them before – so I really wasn’t too keen on wandering around in a bikini feeling like I look pregnant with a belly covered in scars. It took me a couple of hours, but I eventually started to feel slightly more comfortable.
The first evening we went to a beautiful restaurant called Villa Antonia. It was so picturesque, with lovely floral displays and fairy lights overhead, and a fantastic view of Taormina from our terrace – the food was incredible as well, but what else would you expect in Italy!
We then went onto a club, La Giardia, and I wasn’t really expecting to enjoy it seeing as I don’t really drink that much, I don’t like crowds or really loud music, and I get tired really easily. But I had a fantastic time, and ended up staying out till about 3am (not ideal with an 8am wake up the next day..).
I was fully expecting to feel absolutely vile when I woke up on Saturday morning as I’d been drinking for about 12 hours, something my body definitely isn’t used to! Surprisingly I felt fine, absolutely no trace of a hangover, I was just a bit tired. I tried taking milk thistle before drinking as I’d been told it helped hangovers, and I was very sceptical about this, but I’ve been completely converted! Mixing wine, champagne, spirits, beer and cocktails over 12 hours would usually be a recipe for an absolute disaster, but I just felt tired – ideal with Saturdays activities of quad biking and wine tasting!
Quad biking was just amazing, we drove up Mount Etna (and we’re lucky enough than it didn’t erupt while we were up there, as it does that every 3 days or so), and spent a few hours driving around the woods on the mountain. The views were absolutely incredible and I’d forgotten just how much I enjoy quad biking!
We then went down the mountain slightly to a vineyard, Barone di Villagrande, where we had a delicious meal, with some amazing wine pairings. As with the quad biking, the view from the terrace of the vineyard was just breathtaking, I could have spent hours there! But I didn’t have hours, as after the food and wine was finished, it was time to head back to the hotel to get ready for the evening.
Our final night was spent at a white party on a private beach, as with the rest of the trip the view, food and drink was amazing. By this point I was absolutely knackered, so I didn’t last too late.
Sunday was another early start, so that we could pack and check out whilst still having time to pop into Taormina for a wander around and to get some gelato!
We head to the airport just before midday, and ended up back in our flat in London by about 7pm, so another long day and a very early night so that I’m not absolutely exhausted for work on Monday!
I was very lucky on this trip that the flare up I had been due, on the day we were supposed to fly out, arrived early so I was over the worst of it by the time we went away. I’ve written a separate blog about travelling with endometriosis and things I do/use to help me manage my symptoms while on the go. If you want to read it, click here.

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