Apologies for not posting for so long – it’s been one hell of a month!
We had a lovely rural retreat for the Easter weekend, we went to Wales to visit the other-halves family and while we were there we were treated to lots of lovely food, walks in the Welsh countryside and the peace and quiet of limited phone signal!  It was so lovely to relax in the fresh air away from the hustle and bustle of London.  We went to a beautiful garden in Dunraven Bay, which was open as a part of the National Garden Scheme, and we had a walk around the gardens then stopped for some afternoon tea.  Beautiful private gardens up and down the country were open to raise money for charity, this year the top 3 beneficiaries were Macmillan Cancer Support, Marie Curie and Hospice UK, with over £3million raised for a number of different charities.

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After Wales, we had another weekend away to East Yorkshire and Hull – the City of Culture!  This trip was to visit my family and friends, and it was also nice to be back in the area that I grew up in.  We wandered around a lot of the new developments they’ve made to the area and some of the art installations too.
The Weeping Window – a cascade of poppies originally planted at the Tower of London, coming out the window of the Maratime Museum.
The smallest window in England at The George Hotel and Coaching Inn.
One of my favourite parts of the weekend was going to The Deep, this was one of my favourite places to visit as a child growing up!  We wandered around the aquarium, and saw loads of exhibitions including the penguins (which I love!).  The Deep is the UKs only submarium, this is an aquarium which is partly or completely submerged under the water.
The first weekend of May we went to a cocktail making night, but this was a Breaking Bad themed night!  (I hope you’ve seen Breaking Bad, as I’ve come across too many people recently who haven’t!)  The event was in an RV in Shoreditch that looked exactly like the one from the film!
The RV in Shoreditch where the Breaking Bad cocktail event was hosted
For £30 you got a fair amount for your money, the night included dressing up in the yellow all in one suits, complete with goggles and ventilation masks.  You also got 3 cocktails, the first one was made for you, and the next two you got to choose from the seven options on the menu and then taught how to make.
With this being a Breaking Bad inspired night, the cocktails were all themed around different events from the series, and all the cocktails were made with a science twist to them.  I chose CRT Fix, where I used dry ice to infuse my drink with thyme and rosemary and it was one of the tastiest cocktails I have every drank!  The second drink I chose was R&H.  This one was much stronger – I couldn’t finish it!  This one was really fun to make, as I got to use a machine to create flavour infused edible bubbles to spoon on top of my cocktail.
I think my favourite cocktail would have to be Walter Jr. breakfast though, and although I didn’t have it (I hate milk!) it just looked so cool.  The dry ice was used again to infuse flavour into the milk, which was mixed with alcohol and then the milk cocktail was poured on top of the cereal!  The effort put in by the staff at ABQ London made the whole experience so much more amazing, and the detail inside the RV was just unbelievable!  I won’t say too much, as I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who is thinking about going.
The next day (Sunday) I was at a hotel in London to set up for a work event the next day.  This was quite a long day, because it involved so much organisation and manual work that I felt exhausted by the end of the day.  Luckily I was staying at the hotel overnight, and it had a spa for all guests to use!  It was so calming to just relax in the sauna and steam room, and then pop in the jacuzzi after a long day, and it definitely helped my aching muscles!
That evening we were treated to a meal in Marco Pierre White’s restaurant in the hotel, and I had the most amazing burger!  It was such a good reward for all the hard work we had put in that day, and all the work we were about to do the next day – we had to get up at 5am!!
All in all, it was a pretty good weekend!
The view from my hotel room!
Last weekend, I felt really unwell, and after having a few weeks of only mild pain I should have expected something like this.  I spent all of Saturday bed-ridden by a combination of a migraine, stomach cramps and hip pain.  However, by Sunday, I was kind of in the position to be able to leave the flat.  We decided to go to The British Museum for afternoon tea, as we have recently made a list of every afternoon tea (and cocktail bar!) we want to try in London and thought it would be a nice easy event for me to get out of the flat without being too strenuous.  The afternoon tea was amazing, and in the most beautiful venue.  If you haven’t been to the British Museum you should definitely go!
We had a wander around the museum as well and looked at some exhibits, but you could spend days in the place and never see it all!  We’ve been a few times and each time we go, we try and do a different area that we’ve never seen.  On our way home, we came across the most amazing market selling hand made art and bought some of our first pieces to go up on the wall in our new flat.  This art was made from old scratched records and has been transformed into iconic images.
On to the medical stuff now, I’ve been trying to avoid this part.  Since I last posted I’ve had a pelvic exam (eventually, after the doctors booked me in for the wrong appointment/procedure) – all results came back normal, I’ve received the results of my blood tests – low folic acid and vitamin D, but nothing more serious than that, and I’ve also had an ultrasound scan.  I’ve not yet received the full results for this, however during the scan I was told that I had a cyst on my right ovary and that I will need another scan in the next 6 weeks.  I’m due to receive further results from the doctors by the end of this week, and I will update you when I know a bit more about it.  Unfortunately, I wanted to be more informed before receiving my results, and not having much medical knowledge myself (apart from everything Grey’s Anatomy has taught me..) I turned to Dr. Google.  If you’ve never done this before – it’s really not a bad idea!  I now feel a bit overwhelmed about it all, and everything that could potentially be linked to the cyst is just going through my head on a loop.  I think that the most painful part for me was reading about how having a cyst can affect fertility, yes I’m only 22, but one day I think I would like children.  This was made even more painful by a number of friends announcements that they are expecting their first/second child.
Since finding out about the cyst and how it could affect my fertility, it feels like I’m seeing pregnant people everywhere!
I know I’m getting way ahead of myself here, and I’m trying to distract myself to stop myself going crazy, but I think it’s healthier not to bottle all my concerns up, and to let it out – even if it is via a blog.  In previous posts, I’ve touched on my GPs ignorance towards Endometriosis (despite me having already had a preliminary diagnosis of it) and her reluctance to look into it further.  I’m hoping that with the results of my ultrasound being as they are, she may have to consider she was wrong to dismiss it, and start looking into it.  I don’t want you to think that I’m pigeon-holing myself and not looking into any other issues that it could be, I’m just frustrated at her reluctance to look into endo.  I feel as though she just isn’t listening to me or taking anything I say seriously.  She interrupts me while I’m explaining things and brushes off most of my complaints as “normal period pain”.  I don’t know about you, but period pain that leaves me unable to move, let alone get out of bed and go to work on some days is not “normal”.  Has anyone else ever experienced this during their diagnosis or just with their GP in general?
Anyway, if you’ve made it to the end of this post – congratulations and thank you for reading!  I appreciate it’s been more of a dissertation than a chatty blog post and I promise I won’t ramble on like this on all my posts!  Have a lovely rest of your week and I’ll be posting again soon!

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